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Fresh, Sticky, Dank, & Delicious

Cannabis Cultivation Center


The goodness

**Recently awarded a conditional license for a recreational cannabis cultivation center by the NJ Cannabis Regulation Commission**

flower that frees you from stress

Home-grown in New Jersey.  Every plant is grown within a stress-free environment with the right mix of nutrients, light, moisture, and temperature to ensure deliciousness in every bud.

Flower Products
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Calming Relief

Provides benefits for both medical and recreational needs.


More Pics

Our mission

HSI's mission is to provide organically grown, exceptional cannabis that delivers both medical and recreational benefits to our customers.   Our goal is to provide our community with an alternative to prescription drugs with addicting qualities.  We advocate and support a proactive approach to health management.


We started this business with the vision of being a top cannabis provider in New Jersey composed of a carbon neutral operation and infrastructure powered 100 percent by renewable solar energy.

Our brand is built on the core values of customer service and care, hospitality, highest standards of quality, honesty, and integrity.

We pledge to our customers that we will invest our time, money, and energy back into our business and local community to enhance infrastructure and create new opportunities for growth.  


We promote a diverse and inclusive culture with a focus on community outreach.

Our cannabis is grown locally in New Jersey in an indoor, stress-free environment. 

Holding a Branch

"High Street Industries is a New Jersey family-owned business that is committed to quality and customer needs first."

Alyssa Sweeney

Owner and Founder

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